Keys to Scaling Up: Transforming Your Team

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On December 28, 2018

transform your teamScale Up Your Company for Explosive Growth By Transforming Your Team

Is there something out there holding your company back from experiencing the kind of explosive growth you’ve been dreaming about? It could be that the thing holding you back isn’t “out there” at all. It could be right inside your organization. You might need to transform your team in order to scale up your business.

Do You Recognize Any of These Symptoms in Your Team?

  • Lack of Trust: When you meet with the members of your leadership team is there a subtle (or even overt) sense that team members really don’t trust each other? Maybe they don’t share information openly for fear that it could be used against them. Perhaps they don’t go “all in” for fear that other team members won’t hold up their end of the bargain.
  • Mean-Spirited Politics: Do you notice political gamesmanship among your team members? Do they tend to form “alliances” to block others from achieving success? What happens at budget time when everyone is scrambling for money?
  • Empty Commitments: Are team members given to making commitments to tasks, or responsibilities in meetings—only to back off on those commitments when it is time to perform?
  • Lack of Accountability: Do your team members accept responsibility and step up to the plate when they fall short? Or do you see a lot of finger pointing and hear a lot of “It’s not my fault” when assignments or goals are missed or things don’t get done properly? If your team’s execution isn’t world class, it doesn’t matter how good your goals or strategies are.
  • Selfish “Silo” Mentality: Is there a sense that various team members put their own departments first rather than seeking the greater good of the whole company? Do they display a lack of understanding—or even interest—about what’s going on in other departments?

What Can You Do to Transform Your Team?

Without a leadership team that’s working in sync with one another, you’ll never be able to scale up your business and grow your business. The good news is that there are things you can do to change (transform) your team’s thinking and behavior. You can create a team where members have each other’s backs; where you have lively, productive debate that leads to good decisions; and where commitments and accountability are honored. However, it takes a concerted effort.

Here’s How We Do It

We are certified and accredited instructors for The Five Cohesive Behaviors of Team. This program was co-designed by Wiley and Patrick Lencioni (best-selling author of The 5 Dysfunctions of Team).  This 1 or 2-day program (which also features follow-on programs) uses a powerful profile tool and additional training tools to help you and your team to work at a transformational level. It’s an effective tool that we’ve used successfully countless times to help companies identify and correct team behavior that holds them back.

Next Steps

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you have the right people on your team. As a start, I’d encourage you to click on the Assess Your People button below. That will take you to a very short (2-3 minutes) assessment that gives you an idea of the specific areas where you might need help. Or if you already see the need to transform the way your team operates, you can contact us and set up a complimentary (and thorough) 60-minute team assessment. Based on what we discover together, we can then create a 5 Cohesive Behaviors of Team workshop program that will best help you build a transformed team that will be in a position to drive your growth.