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Chuck Kocher

  • Coached 1000s of Companies in 60+ Countries
  • 40 years of Scaling Up organizations
  • Diverse Industries – Private/Public/Non-Profit Sector
  • Growth Institute Faculty/Scaling Up Master Class – 6+ Years
  • 12 Coaching Performance Awards
  • Cohesive Behaviors Partner/Facilitator
  • Coaching Hall of Fame Status
  • Scaling Up Certified Coach
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About Chuck

Transformational Values

Ultimately, the things that you consider valuable end up shaping how you think and perform. Here’s a look at the core values that shape The Transformation Company and how we work.  We consider it essential:

  1. To learn each and every day
  2. To be abundant in how we think and all we do
  3. To be grateful for every life we touch
  4. To never ever stop growing
  5. To smile, laugh and have fun
  6. To cherish challenges as opportunities
  7. To honor God in all we do
  8. To pursue greatness because good is never good enough
  9. To care enough to ask the tough questions and do whatever it takes to improve
  10. To view the opportunity to help each client as an honor

Transformation Company Distinctives

It’s one thing to talk about being different. It’s another thing to have a different mindset and to take different actions. Here are some of the attitudes and actions we take that set us apart.

  • We’re not just about best practices, models and tools—we’re about we deliver them and helping clients apply them in the best possible way.
  • We’re committed to a level of learning —6X what the average business coach puts in per year
  • We’ve been on both the success and failure sides of the entrepreneurial experience and can pass on lessons from both
  • We help you connect your life and business purpose
  • We bring insight, energy and passion to the table every time we engage
  • We care enough about your success to be tough enough
  • We’re not afraid to ask difficult questions that yield insight and result in change
  • We spend a lot of time listening to you and thinking through your issues
  • We are open, direct and flexible
  • We build trust; help you resolve conflict; emphasize commitment and accountability; and always look for results
  • We believe in you, your team and your organization
  • We help you set and define a big vision that generates fear, unknowing, curiosity and excitement
  • We help you connect your vision, purpose, and passion to your strategy, planning, execution, people decisions, and process.
  • We help you connect your long-range strategy to your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plans
  • We will challenge averages, norms, mediocrity and beliefs
  • We won’t simply leverage your strengths but will also help you remove your constraints
  • We will never ignore “the elephant in your room”
  • We will maximize performance for you, your people and your organization
  • We don’t focus on if you’ll succeed, but on how and when you’ll succeed

Chuck’s Transformational Journey

I love helping businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders grow to reach their full potential and become the very best they can be at what they do. But I need to tell you that I didn’t start off doing that.

I spent 21 years working in the corporate world in a variety of capacities. I started off in manufacturing and moved on to field sales. I was responsible for corporate marketing and even running specific business units. I then began developing corporate strategies and creating businesses that marketed and sold technology to small and medium-sized businesses. I was exposed to all kinds of businesses from manufacturing to high tech and to virtually every aspect of the business. And at this point 16 years ago, I decided that I wanted to become a real entrepreneur and start my own business serving and helping other businesses grow.

And then, through a series of events, my personal goals and my business purposes came into alignment. I realized that is what I wanted to do—what I was supposed to do—was to help businesses make a significant difference by transforming themselves. I began to help companies challenge the norms and the traditional ways of accomplishing their objectives.

Part of that involved finding, learning and then applying and using the best high-growth tools available to help companies create a vision, develop concrete, measurable plans, and evaluate their progress so that they were ready for explosive and sustainable growth.

That’s my passion, and that’s why I do what I do!