How Do You Know if Your Execution is Excellent?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On October 20, 2017

Many companies pride themselves on being “well-oiled” machines that run with peak efficiency. Some of them even have the awards to prove it. But are awards the real measure of a company’s ability to execute their goals and strategies? How do you know if your execution is excellent? Here are a few things you’ll want to take a closer look at.

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that, “The devil is in the details.” You know that’s true in business. There are scores of things you need to make sure are happening within your business in order for it to be successful and keep growing. Business plans and strategies are great, but unless you can execute those plans and strategies you won’t grow your business. So how can you take care of those details—and make sure that all your processes are running smoothly and profitably?

Sometimes it helps to think broadly in order to make sure the details are being handled. Here are three things you’ll want to do.

  • Watch Your Priorities: It’s essential that you stay focused on what’s really important. Not everything can have the highest priority. Make sure you and your team are in agreement about what’s essential for your company’s growth. Remind each other.
  • Use Dependable Data: You can’t make good decisions based on whims or gut feelings (although here’s an article that looks at how they’re sometimes valid). Make sure the data you use to make decisions is current and accurate.
  • Regular Check-ups: It’s not enough to set good priorities and metrics unless you’re actually checking your progress regularly. Make sure you schedule regular meetings in which team members are prepared to report. These can be short, but they need to happen regularly so that you have time to react if you need to.

Looking for more detail about how to make this happen? Contact me and let me know you want some more specifics. I’ve got a 10-point checklist (with helpful and insightful questions for each point) that I can share with you.