Keys to Scaling Up: Transforming Your Individuals

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On December 28, 2018

Transformation individuals assessmentTransformed Individuals Make The Difference When Scaling Your Company

How many times have you heard a CEO or company president say, “Our people are our most important asset”? Some companies even build that concept into their corporate brand with slogans such as: “Our people make the difference!” People are hugely important to a company’s success. But transformed individuals make the difference when scaling your company.

Teams Are Made Up of Individuals

I’ve written before about the importance of having good teams, but teams are made up of individuals. How would you describe the individuals within your company? When you observe the individuals who make up your teams do you ever see any of the following characteristics or behaviors?

  • Ineffective Communication: Having good information is critical for any company, but it doesn’t stop there. There needs to be good communication between individuals and departments. It’s important that individuals within a team—and within a company—clearly and effectively communicate essential information. Have you observed instances in which one team member says, “I told Marketing about this issue” only to have your Marketing people say, “That’s not how it was explained to us!”
  • Self-Limiting Constraints: Sometimes individuals in your company may place limitations on themselves that keep them from performing at their best. It may not be the fault of a team leader or of the corporate culture. But great companies find ways to remove those constraints and equip their people to perform better.
    A Victim Mindset: You may have individuals working for you who always feel victimized by things beyond their control. They often act as if people in other departments (or even outside of the company) are sabotaging their efforts. Everything is about them instead of the whole team/company.
  • Lack of Focus: Perhaps you have some individuals who simply seem to lose focus. They may be energetic, have great ideas, and even fun to be around. But their lack of focus leads to poor productivity. The devil is in the details and if these people don’t pay attention to those details it can impact the whole company.
  • Absence of Clear Goals Coupled with Poor Execution: As a leader or CEO you are ultimately responsible for setting clear goals for the company. But various departments within your company have to set their own goals. People who aren’t trained to set good, realistic, measurable goals will face problems. Plus, good goals have to be backed up by great execution. That means training people to track the right things and hold themselves accountable.

Here’s How We Do It

As a business coach, I’ve been trained (and accredited) by the very best minds in business and personal development. As a result, I have acquired an extraordinary set of world-class profiles & personal development tools that can be used to take the individuals in your organization to the next level. I’ve also created unique approaches to coaching that can eliminate personal constraints and enable your individuals to achieve the kind of transformational change and growth you want.

Next Steps

Are the individuals in your company ready for the kind of transformation that’s required to take your company to the next level? A simple first step is to click on the Assess Your People button below. That will take you to a very short (2-3 minutes) assessment that help you decide if you have the right people in place to transform your company. Or, if you recognized issues in the post above, you can contact us and set up a complimentary (and thorough) 30-minute individual development assessment. Then we will create a unique program that will enable you to embark on a transformational change and development.