Keys to Scaling Up: Transforming Your Leadership

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On December 28, 2018

Transform leadershipTransforming Your Leadership is Essential For Scaling Up Your Company

If you’re looking to scale up your business so that you can experience explosive growth you need to begin by transforming your leadership. If you keep leading in the same way you can’t expect different results. So how do you know if your leadership needs to change? Consider the following questions.

Do Any of These Things Describe Your Company?

  • No Clear Path to Success: One big reason some companies can’t grow is that they don’t have a clear vision of what success looks like—or they don’t have a solid strategy for fulfilling that vision. Both vision and strategy need to come from leadership.
  • Controlling Thinking: While leadership needs to provide direction, some leaders can take that too far and they end up hindering creative thinking. A great leader isn’t afraid of people who think outside the box. In fact, that “out-of-the-box” thinking may be exactly what’s needed. But it may require leaders to live outside of their comfort zones.
  • Artificial Constraints: Every business needs operational guidelines, processes, and rules. But constraints that have no basis (“We’ve always done things this way”) aren’t helpful. In fact, they squelch creativity and frustrate new thinking.
  • Diminishing Returns: You may have ways of doing business that have been successful for a long time. But if you’re seeing a consistent decline in the results of your efforts, you’ve got a problem. “Trying harder” probably isn’t the solution. What you may need to do is try differently.
  • Position-Driven Advancement: How are people within your company rewarded? Do employees equate advancement (rewards) with position? Or do you reward workers with advancement and financial gain based on performance? Loyalty is important, but performance that gets results is key to your company’s growth.

How Can You Make This Happen?

It is possible to transform your leadership in such a way that you’ll have a clear vision; solid strategy; meaningful delegation of responsibility and the opportunity to develop and mentor your employees so that they can use their gifts. But this kind of transformation doesn’t just happen. You need to be intentional about it. You need a plan—and you’ll probably need a little help.

Here’s How We Do It

At the Transformation Company, we’ve developed a tool chest of leadership development profiles, models, and tools that we use to transform teams and individuals. We always start at the top with the leader(s) in your organization to create a customized plan that will highlight your strengths, eliminate your constraints, and enable continual leadership development for both you and your team.

I invite you to click on the Assess Your Leadership button below. That will take you to a very short assessment that gives you an idea of the specific areas where you might need help. Or, if you already know you want to change your leadership style, contact us to set up a complimentary 60-minute leadership assessment (a much more thorough assessment) that we can use to create a customized leadership development program that will transform your leadership, change you, your people, and your whole organization.


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