Removing Personal Constraints: When Talent, Skill, Drive, and Strengths Aren’t Enough

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On August 25, 2017

A huge part of transforming your business is transforming yourself. Your company needs to change the way it operates—and so do you. What’s holding you back from performing at a higher level than you currently are? It may not be your talent or skills that are holding you back. Your strengths aren’t the only thing that will define your success. It could be your personal constraints. Let’s talk about removing personal constraints when talent, skill, drive, and strengths aren’t enough to take you to the next level.

Flip Flippen and Chris White from the Flippen Group have identified five laws of personal constraints. Understanding and applying them is critical to breaking free of the personal behaviors that hold you back.

  1. We All Have Personal Constraints. Nobody is exempt. Some are inconsequential constraints. Others are hireable constraints. Generally, these may be things you don’t do well but can hire someone to do for you. And finally, there are “owned” constraints. Most of these are character-oriented. You’ve got to own them and overcome them yourself.
  2. You Can’t Rise Above Constraints That You Don’t or Won’t Address. If you’re not willing to acknowledge a constraint—or deal with it—you’ll never overcome it and it will always hold you back.
  3. Our Personal Constraints Play Themselves Out in Every Area of Our Lives. It’s not just your business life that’s impacted by your constraints. You don’t leave them at the office at the end of the day. They follow you wherever you go.
  4. Personal Constraints Are Role Specific. Rather than contradicting law three, this is an acknowledgment that they can be more pronounced in certain areas and can keep you from achieving specific goals.
  5. Those with the Fewest Constraints . . . Win! That doesn’t mean that someone with the lowest number of constraints will get ahead. What it means is that someone who learns to minimize or eradicate significant constraints will win. A “significant” constraint is one that gets in the way on a regular basis and causes damage to relationships and the ability to produce great work. People with the fewest significant constraints will consistently outperform those with a greater number of significant constraints.

Of course, all of this depends upon identifying your constraints and having a specific strategy to overcome them. That’s where I can help. I’m Flippen-certified, so I have the tools to take you through the evaluation to help identify personal constraints that could be holding you back from performing at your peak. Then we can create a plan to help you remove those constraints.

If you want to transform your business and take things to a higher level of efficiency, effectiveness, and performance—begin by transforming yourself!

5 Laws adapted from Overcoming Personal Constraints, Copyright © 2016 Flippen Group. All rights reserved.