Where Does Transformation of Your Business Begin?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On June 8, 2017

Recently, I wrote about why I chose The Transformation Company as the name for my company—and how essential it is for businesses to change the way they operate if they are serious about significant and dramatic growth. Transformation isn’t just a concept or a catch phrase—it’s something your business needs to do if you want to see results that are different from what you’re seeing now. But where does transformation begin?

Is it something you can learn from a book or by attending a seminar? Does a light somehow turn on in someone’s mind? Does it happen when a business consultant comes in and presents you with a new business idea? Is it something that “magically” takes over your company? Who is responsible for making it happen?

Most of the time, it starts small—and it starts with the person in charge. It may come from the realization that you’ve been working really hard to grow and take things to the next level without much success because you’re doing the same things over and over.

Real transformation—real change—comes when a leader recognizes that unless he or she changes the way things are done, the results aren’t going to change. They need to do things differently.

That’s one reason I’ve always loved “The Crazy Ones” ad campaign that Apple did a few years back that urged people to “Think Different.” Click here for a reminder of that powerful message. And while Apple was using that campaign to get people to think differently about personal computing, there’s a deeply profound truth there: People who think differently (and then take action based on that kind of thinking) are the ones who change the world.

Transformation begins with you! Whether you’re the founder, owner, partner, lead entrepreneur, CEO, or whatever title you have after your name on your business card—the transformation process begins with you. It has to be in the way you think each and every day. It needs to be reflected in your beliefs and your mindset—even when everyone else (including family, friends, and colleagues) believes that you can’t do what you believe. The desire to transform your business has to be at the core of your vision. It needs to be reflected in the design and execution of your core values, your corporate culture, and your strategy. It should drive your mission and your BHAG.

Transformation begins with you and then it spreads to your leadership team—and eventually to your whole company. I’ll continue to share my thoughts about transformation—what it is and what specific steps you need to take to make it happen—in future posts. But the takeaway, for now, is that transformation begins with you. If you aren’t committed to making the changes necessary, the only real change you’ll see will be in the businesses around you, who aren’t willing to live with the status quo.