When Is a Business Coach More Than Just a Business Consultant?

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Not all that long ago if you asked someone to recommend a business coach you’d get a blank stare in response to your query. Today, typing “business coach” into Google generates 22,100,000 results! So when is a business coach more than just a coach?

Not all of the 22,100,000 Google results will lead you to the kind of results you’re looking for—especially if you’re looking to make significant changes in your leadership and in the way your business runs. And that kind of transformation is what it takes if you want to scale up and become a high-growth company.

There is no shortage of business consultants. Many of them really know their stuff, too. More often than not, they are very focused on one particular aspect of business. It could be finances, or marketing, or productivity. They come into your business; evaluate the particular area of your business that’s their specialty; propose a plan (and maybe walk your through it); send you an invoice; and leave. For many businesses, that’s the last time they see the consultant.

That’s a bit different than a business coach—an individual who help leaders turn companies into difference-makers. A good business coach doesn’t just focus on one particular area. He or she looks at all the components that a company needs to work on to experience high-level growth, such as: vision and strategy, hiring the right people, developing employees, improving leadership skills, and managing cash. All of those things are essential if a company wants to scale up operations and experience significant growth. It all starts with helping leadership learn how to lead—rather than just manage a business.

That kind of transformation, however, doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why a good business coach doesn’t settle for a quick fix that generates immediate—but incremental—improvements. A good business coach coaches others through the transformation process and holds them accountable for their plans and decisions.

It’s an on-going process that is tailored to the specific goals, needs, and particulars or your unique business. One thing I’ve learned over many years of coaching successful businesses is that these businesses (or rather, their leaders) don’t just need more information. Many of the individuals I work with essentially know what to do. They need someone with the tools and the skills to help them put those things into practice, monitor their progress, and continue to transform their businesses—so that they can continue to grow and take things to the next level.

If you want to increase your knowledge or just work on one aspect of your business, you may want to talk to a consultant. If you want to transform the way you lead and the way your business operates—so that you experience dramatic growth—you need a business coach who will look at your whole business and hold you accountable.

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This post was written by Chuck Kocher