What To Look For in a Business Coach: Success

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On April 2, 2024

Business Coach Success



Success Is A Critical Factor For A Business Coach

Bringing in outside expertise can be just the thing you need to transform your business and take things to a whole different level. That’s why many successful businesses enlist the help of a professional business coach. Choosing the right business coach, however, is critical for your success. Here’s one critical aspect of what to look for in a business coach: success.

Success Breeds Success

You’ve heard the old adage that, “Nothing succeeds like success” (attributed to the great French writer, Alexandre Dumas). It’s an appropriate comment for those seeking business success. If you’re looking for a coach to help you reach the next level of success, you want someone who has some experience with success.

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What Does Success Look Like?

What does success really look like? How can you evaluate someone’s level of success? More specifically, how can you evaluate a business coach’s level of success? True success for a business coach isn’t limited to the awards he or she has accumulated. Your coach’s awards really won’t mean much when you visit your bank should you need to borrow money. They won’t help you close a sale or improve your company’s execution. Awards won’t provide the vision or strategy you need to succeed.

What Really Matters

True success for a business coach comes when his or her clients change the way they think and operate (I tend to think of that as transformation). And success definitely is measured by how well a coach helps clients achieve their goals and objectives (and sometimes helping a client set those goals and objectives is a huge first step).

Real Businesses Seeing Real Results

As a business coach who has coached more than 1,000 businesses, I know that the way I measure my own success is by looking at the ways my clients succeed. That’s really the only true measure of success. And there is no one better at articulating that than my clients. That’s why I’d encourage you to take a quick look at this short video where real businesses talk about real results they’ve seen as a result of getting quality business coaching.

Business Coach SuccessWhat Can You Do?

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