What To Look For in a Business Coach: Certification

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On February 8, 2019

business coach certification

Choosing A Business Coach With Certifications

Choosing the right business coach can have a big impact on your ability to transform your company and scale it up to achieve dramatic growth. So how do you evaluate potential candidates? Here’s what to look for in a business coach: Certification.


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You Can’t “Just Wing it” in Business—And Neither Should Your Coach

I often tell clients that they can’t “just wing it”if they are expecting the see dramatic changes in the way they operate. They need to identify their goals, and then create a strategy for achieving those goals. Then that’s exactly what we do. I have the tools and the experience to help them formulate specific, realistic goals. Then I use other tools to help them create their strategies—and monitor their progress.

Business Coach CertificationsWhy Does Certification Matter?

A master craftsman not only has to have knowledge—he needs to master his tools. A master mechanic doesn’t just know what a socket wrench is. He knows which one is appropriate for a specific situation—and he knows how to use it properly. The same is true of an excellent business coach. It’s not enough to know about the best tools to use to help growing businesses take things to the next level. A great business coach needs to be well trained in how to use these tools effectively. An excellent coach takes his or her own training seriously.

I have more than 10 professional certifications and accreditations in time-tested, industry-best tools that get businesses the kind of results they want. You can see some of those tools represented above (Gazelles, DISC, Flippen, PXT Select, and others). I’ve gone through the extensive training their certification requires so that I can help you adapt these tools to your situation. These are proven tools that tackle the biggest issues growing businesses face, including hiring and developing staff, creating a strategy, perfecting execution, and managing cash. I know which tools to use and I know how to help you use them.

In addition to ensuring that your coach knows how to use the best tools to help you move your company forward, certification tells you something else about your prospective coach. Training tells you that your coach is committed to learning and isn’t willing to rest on his or her laurels. The business world is constantly changing and you’ll want a coach who is committed to keeping up with those changes. That’s one reason I read voraciously. I’m always looking for new and better ideas that can help my clients stay one step ahead of their competitors. Here’s a look at some of my recommended reading for companies that want to transform themselves and experience explosive growth.

business coach certificationWhat’s Your Next Step?

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