As a Business Leader, Should You Be Doing More or Less?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On April 29, 2019

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5 Essential Tips A Business Leader Should Be Doing… Or Not Doing

The demands on business leaders today are sometimes overwhelming. There are more things you need to stay on top of. More new changes are happening all the time. These days you have more facets to consider if you’re trying to grow your company. Business success, however, isn’t always about doing more things. Above all, it’s about doing the right things. As a business leader, should you be doing more or less?

Identifying the Essentials

I recently watched a talk given by Greg McEwin, the author of Essentialism, in which he stressed the importance of pursuing the essential things. You can watch the talk yourself, but here are three points that really jumped out at me with regard to people who are trying to transform their businesses and grow.

Essential Goals

The action of setting clear and specific goals is essential. This isn’t an exercise you do so that you can file your goals away in a filing cabinet or a folder on your computer. Your goals drive your business. McEwin says that “if you don’t clarify your goals, someone else will.” Think about that for a moment. If your goals really drive your business, do you want to be the one to set those goals, or do you want to turn that over to someone else?

Essential Contributions

Determining what your most important contribution can be is another essential. This is true on an individual level (what are you best at as a leader?) and it’s also true as a business. What is the most important contribution your company can make? What are you uniquely positioned to do?


In business, these days (and in life in general) busyness has become a bit of a “badge of honor.” We feel more important when we’re busy. We think it’s a sign that we’re valuable (or even invaluable). We feel guilty if we’re not busy. But being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive. Are you busy doing the right things? Or are you simply spinning your wheels?

How a Coach Can Help You Achieve Less (and More)

As a business coach, I’m often asked to help companies identify and focus on the things that are really essential to their business. I work with them to make sure their goals and their actions are aligned. Businesses are often so busy doing business activities, that they don’t take the time (and don’t develop the discipline) required to figure out the essentials that make them unique—and that can make them successful. Sometimes I help leaders achieve less of the goals that don’t matter and more of the goals that really do matter.

If that’s something that appeals to you, I invite you to click on the “Are we a good fit?” button below. Let’s see if we’d be a good match in helping you focus on less—and achieve more.

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