Why Just Hiring the Right People Isn’t Enough to Grow Your Business

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On July 6, 2018

I frequently talk and write about the importance of hiring the right peopleif you want your business to grow. That’s a major area I focus on as a business coach. If you don’t pay attention to that you’ll never scale up your company and grow. However, it can’t stop there. I’d like to talk to you about why just hiring the right people isn’t enough to grow your business.

A New Hiring Phenomenon
I recently came across an article by Chip Cutter that talks about a relatively new phenomenon that he referred to as “ghosting” in which “a tightening job market and a sustained labor shortage have contributed to a surge in professionals abruptly cutting off contact and turning silent.”

In some cases, recruiters have set up appointments for great candidates—only to have them not show up for the interview at all. In other cases, they even accept the job—and then don’t show up. They go silent and don’t return any messages. Is it professional behavior? Probably not. Is it happening? Absolutely.

Hiring Is Not Enough
It’s not enough to interview, offer, and even hire. In today’s market, there has to be something compelling about your company. Hiring can’t just be about filling seats with “qualified” applicants—especially if you’re looking to transform your company and take it to new heights.

If you really want to get the right people on board—and keep them there—you’ve got to have more to offer. That means creating a culture that is enticing, exciting, and rewarding. When people talk about corporate culture, they too often focus on the minor things. There’s nothing wrong with fun, encouragement, and “feel-good” activities, but that’s not what will attract and keep the A-level players you want.

Those “difference-makers” (call them transformative people if you like) want an environment where they have the opportunity to grow and develop. They want to be part of something where the vision is big, compelling, and clear(and not just a slogan).

That’s where an excellent business coach comes in. A coach can help you crystallize and capture your vision for your company. Then he or she can work with you to create the strategy and processes to turn that vision into reality.

What’s Next?
Are you ready to pay that kind of deliberate, focused attention to your business? If you wonder how your business is really doing in key areas such as strategy, personnel, execution, and controlling your cash, I’d encourage you to click on the orange “Assessment” button below and take five minutes to find out. Knowing where you are is key to being able to reach your business goals.