What’s Your Massive Transformative Purpose?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On July 9, 2017

What’s really behind companies that scale up and make a huge impact on the market? For most of them, it starts with something that’s called a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). While that may sound impressive MTPs aren’t always super sexy. Consider the following companies:

  • Apple changed the way that the world listened to music. Before the iPod, people bought physical media (records, tapes, CDs) and then carried around bulky devices to listen to their music. Apple didn’t just make another new device. Their purpose was to change the way people accessed music.
  • Google had a stated purpose to: “Organize the world’s information.” That really doesn’t sound sexy at all, but look at the impact their “organization” has had on the way business is done all over the globe today.
  • Netflix had a purpose. It was to change the way that people watch movies and television. While their initial thrusts were more in competition with video stores (such as Blockbuster) by making it easier and more convenient to rent videos, they took things to a whole different level with their online services. Not only did they put Blockbuster out of business (with a little help), they even ended up challenging the major networks and cable content providers. Now they even produce their own content.
  • YouTube had a purpose. They wanted to make it possible to post and view video content online. Seems like a fun, but not necessarily world-changing purpose. That’s until you realize that YouTube is the world’s repository for video. And it’s also the second most used search engine in the world!

All of those ideas or purposes had one thing in common: They were massively transformative.

What’s your massive transformative purpose? What can you do that will change the way things people of businesses do things?

Here are a just a few things to consider as you think about creating the MTP for your business. An MTP is

  • Surprising Simple: None of the purposes listed above are really rocket science (OK, so I left out Elon Musk and SpaceX!). That doesn’t mean they were easy, but the basic purposes were surprisingly simple.
  • Crystal Clarity: It was absolutely clear what they wanted to accomplish. They didn’t get sidetracked by ancillary projects.
  • Definitely Disruptive: Your MTP has to be disruptive. That’s part of what transformation is all about. It’s not doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get different results. The companies listed about didn’t just come out with new versions of old products. They changed the way things were done.

What’s your Massively Transformative Purpose? I’d love to help you and your team discover and shape your MTP!