How Can You Find the Right Fit When Hiring?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On June 20, 2019

Quality People When Hiring

Finding The Right Fit When Hiring Quality People

Businesses leaders know the importance of putting quality people on their team in order to grow, but how can you find the right fit when hiring? What does “the right fit” even look like? No two businesses are alike, so how do you know what to look for to fill the key roles on your team?

While the specific skills required for your company may differ from other businesses, there are certain characteristics that you’ll want to look for in addition to knowledge and skill. You want quality people. Let’s look at five characteristics you’ll want to make sure your candidates have.

Top 5 Quality Employee Characteristics

1. Quality People Think in Terms of Responsibility

If you’re serious about scaling up your company and taking things to a whole different level, you don’t want to hire someone who’s looking for a job. You want someone who is looking to take on responsibility for accomplishing objectives and goals. Your company is going to be changing—transforming. That means that job descriptions and responsibilities will probably change. You’ll need someone who is eager to accept responsibilities and grow with the changing needs of the business. The last thing you want to hear is, “Sorry, that’s not my job!”

2. Quality People Do What They Say They’ll Do

When you consider hiring for a key position, ask past employers if this person fulfills his or her commitments. It’s easy to make commitments. Not everyone makes good on their promises. You want people on your team you can trust to do what they say they’ll do.

3. Quality People Don’t Need to Be Managed

This relates back to the comment about responsibility. You don’t want to hire people you have to micro-manage. Part of the reason you hire a great team is that it enables you to do more. If you have to spend significant time overseeing your hires, that’s time you’re not spending growing the company. Don’t misunderstand this: As the leader, you’re still responsible for developing your people. But there’s a big difference between developing staff and managing them. By the way, people who are passionate about what they do generally don’t need to be managed. Their passion pushes them. Look for employees who exhibit a passion for what they do.

4. Quality People Are Emotionally Intelligent (Mature)

How your staff deal with success and failure is a good marker for emotional intelligence. You want to hire the kind of person who is secure enough to credit others when there are successes. The flip side of this is that quality people own up to mistakes or shortcomings when there are failures. Instead of pointing fingers, they accept responsibility—and figure out a way to fix the problem.

5. Quality People and Great Culture

So often, business leaders try to get employees to conform to the corporate culture. That almost never works. Rather than that, make sure you have a great culture and then hire people who already fit that culture.

Are We a Good Fit?

Helping growing companies choose people who are a good fit for their goals, vision, and strategy is a big part of what we do at The Transformation Company. But in the same way that you want to hire employees that are the right fit, your business coach should be the right fit as well. So, let’s talk and find out if we’re a good fit for one another!

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