Why Learning Matters When Growing Your Business

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On August 24, 2018

There’s an old Doonesbury cartoon that shows two CEOs sitting at a table and one of them asks the other, “So, how did you lose your business?” The second CEO replies, “I went to lunch!” The cartoon was a spoof on the rapid changes that have been bombarding the business world for decades. The pace of that change hasn’t let up at all, and that why learning matters when growing your business.

Change is Constant
It’s not just technology that’s changed. Whole markets have changed. It wasn’t that long ago that people were still wondering if Amazon was really a viable business for buying books and a few other things. Now it’s hard to find anything you can’t buy on Amazon—including your groceries.

It doesn’t matter what you sell—technology, books, razor blades, etc.—you have to stay on top of markets. And you have to keep abreast of changes in hiring and financing. Companies can no longer afford to be complacent about execution and productivity. Years ago, “just-in-time” inventory was a big deal. We’ve gone way beyond that now.

So How Do You Keep Learning?
Different people have different learning styles. Some like listening to Podcasts or watching instructional videos. I do, too. But I’m also committed to reading—and not just books about coaching or general business. I try to keep my eyes open for what’s happening in a lot of different areas. I also try to share that information with others. It’s why I’m constantly adding titles to the Resources page on my website. I highlight books I’ve read that have been influential and helpful for me. You can check my Resources Page for summaries of many of these books.

Other people learn best in a situation where they can assimilate helpful information and then interact with others. It’s for those kinds of people that fantastic workshop and seminar opportunities exist. Not only can you learn about what’s new, but you can also interact with people who are actually doing what’s being talked about. That’s why I’m always so glad to be involved in seminars such as the Scale Up Summit 2018and the Scaling Up workshop. Click here for more information and to get significant discounts on the price if you list my name when you register!

What Are You Doing With What You Learn?
It’s not enough just to be aware of what’s happening around you. You need to figure out what to do with the information you’re acquiring. As an experienced business coach, I can help you take what you learn—and apply it in ways that make sense for your business.

What Do You Need to Learn?
One of the big challenges facing any growing business is figuring out what it is that they need to learn. The answer, of course, depends a great deal on where the specific company is right now. One key area for learning is to discover exactly what your specific needs are right now. If you click on the “ASSESTMENT” button below, you’ll be directed to a business assessment that only takes 5 minutes to complete. It’s short, but it will give you valuable information about the things in your company that may be keeping you from the kind of growth you really want.

How do you like to learn? That’s up to you. But let’s work together to learn the things that will drive your business forward!