Two Questions That Will Tell You if You Need to Make Changes in Your Personnel

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On October 6, 2017

It’s probably no big surprise to anyone who has been in a business leadership position, but hiring (developing and keeping) the right people is one of the biggest challenges to a growing company. Here are two questions that will tell you if you need to make changes in your personnel.

  1. Do the people around you make you happy?

I’m not talking about telling jokes in the break room or interacting with employees who are nice, polite, or just fun to be around. Those are all good things, but they are not going to take your company to the next level. Do the employees around you share your vision, your enthusiasm, and your desire to grow? Or are there individuals who seem to suck the momentum out of every initiative? Do you have employees who are constantly in need of motivation? When you spend time with different individuals within your company do you come away energized and excited—or worn out?

  1. If you had to rehire your entire staff today—knowing what you do about your current employees—would you eagerly hire all of them again?

This can be a bit of a brutal question. Still, if you wouldn’t hire someone again, why would you continue to keep them on? Chances are that if you’re not thrilled with them being there, they are probably not thrilled to be there, either. You could actually be helping that employee to find a place that’s a better fit. Here’s one other hard truth to consider: Sometimes a job outgrows an employee. Some people grow with increased responsibility and acquire new skills to meet new challenges. Not everybody does. If the way your business is changing to take on bigger challenges and opportunities, you need to make sure your people are willing—and able—to grow as well. By the way, here’s a helpful post that takes a look at some of the surprising priorities for hiring “A-level” employees.

There’s actually a third question related to personnel choice that’s more about you than it is about your employees. As a leader, what kind of employees do you attract? Sometimes leadership skills are really at the heart of personnel issues. What are you doing to make sure that you have the skills, vision, and ability to attract the right employees? Or maybe it’s your corporate culture that attracts the wrong person—and keeps the right ones away. But guess who is responsible for the corporate culture? You are! Here’s an article that takes a closer look at that issue.

How you answer those two questions (well, three, actually) can play a huge role in how successful you’ll be at growing your company. Contact me to find out more about how you can assess your employee situation and make changes in your own leadership style so that you can take your business to new levels!