Growing Your Business: You Can’t Coast to the Next Level

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On May 14, 2018

growing your business - coach insights

As an executive coach, I know that if you’re interested in growing your business you can’t coast to the next level. It takes knowledge, hard work, and discipline to achieve your goals.

Repetition Doesn’t Have to Be Meaningless
The image you see here may be a familiar one. Many of us are familiar with the Greek myth of Sisyphus. He was condemned to pushing a bolder to the top of a hill—where it would then tumble down to the bottom and he’d have to walk to the bottom and do it again—for all eternity.

It’s not exactly a happy story, and sometimes growing your business can feel a little bit like that. There are certain tasks (and they’re not always fun) that need to be done repeatedly.

Where a Great Business Coach Can Help
Business leaders, however, don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Sisyphus. Those repetitive tasks don’t have to be meaningless. That’s where a great business coach comes in. He or she can dig down below the surface to find out what’s holding your business back.

A great business coach can help you identify key activities that need to happen regularly in your business. A great business coach helps you evaluatethose activities, learnfrom them, and make changes that transformyour company.

There are some activities you probably need to stop doing. It’s not because they’re boring or tedious—it’s because they are habits that are actually keeping you from growing your business.

Repeat and Adapt to Achieve Change
There are other activities (such as genuinely strategic planning and evaluation) that you need to start doing or get better at. As I hinted above, you don’t keep doing these things just to do them. You work on them to see what you can learn. You find out what you need to change. If you want to change the performance of your company, you have to change yourself first.

That’s what transformation is all about—and why it’s essential if you want to scale up your business and take things to a different level. A great business coach can help you identify the areas you need to focus on, such as leadership development, culture, hiring, strategy, execution, and cash management.

If you’re not experiencing the kind of growth you want, you may need to take a look at your self (and your business) to see if you’re really ready to take the next steps. One way to do that is to take a short (5-minute) evaluation (click on the “assessment” button below) to get a good general idea of what you need to work on.

You don’t have to be stuck pushing the same rock up the hill day after day with no hope of change. Find out what you need to work on and be intentional about the activities you engage in. That’s how you change yourself—and transform your business.