Maybe It’s Not Your Marketing Strategy That’s Keeping Your Business From Growing

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On February 16, 2018

business coaching will help with your marketing & business growthSavvy growth-minded companies don’t just look for opportunities to scale up and grow their businesses. They also keep an eye out for things that hinder their growth. It’s one reason so many healthy businesses regularly go through a SWOT analysis. They uncover and eliminate weaknesses within their operations. A lot of companies are convinced that they’re simply not marketing themselves properly. But maybe it’s not your marketing strategy that’s keeping your business from growing.

Don’t misunderstand. Having a solid, measurable, well-executed marketing strategy is absolutely essential. But even the most brilliant marketing plan won’t help your company grow if your business isn’t prepared for growth. Even if your marketing efforts lead to explosive sales—will your company be in a position to handle that kind of growth?

4 Key Areas to Transform Your Business Growth
That’s really the essence of scaling up your business. Doing things the same old way won’t get the job done if you’re after serious growth. You need to transform your business so that it’s ready for the challenges that dramatic growth brings. There are four key areas of your business that need particular attention if you really want to get your business ready to handle exponential growth. And while your marketing strategy is included in one of those areas, you really need all of them in order to sustain the kind of growth you’re after.

How do you know if your business is really ready to scale up in those key areas? As an experienced business coach, I’ve learned that the first step in helping my clients is helping them come to a clear understanding of where their businesses actually are before they can move toward their goals. That’s why we offer a free Business Scalability Test that helps companies determine what they need to focus on in order to grow—and sustain their growth. I invite you to take advantage of this free assessment as a means of helping you see what you need to work on in order to meet your business goals.

What about your marketing strategy? As a business strategist, I can offer you tools and programs that will help you with that as well. But it’s important to take a big picture look first to make sure there aren’t other things that will hold you back once that strategy is in place.