Are You Dominating Your Industry or Just Hanging On?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On October 23, 2015

Are-you-dominating-your-industry-or-just-hanging-onIf you’re serious about business you don’t just want to be a participant, you want to succeed. You want to have the kind of impact on your industry—or at least your corner of the industry—that sets you apart. Let’s be honest: You’d like to dominate your industry.

That doesn’t mean being brutal or ruthless. It means being so much better than your competition that your customers and prospects really have no choice but to turn to you for the products, services, and solutions they need. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses that want to grow find themselves hanging on by their fingernails. It’s hard to dominate an industry when you’re hanging on for dear life!

So what’s holding you back? What’s got you hanging on instead of moving forward and scaling your business so that you are the one leading the pack? For most businesses it comes down to four simple things: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. If you don’t have a handle on those things, you’re left hanging on for dear life—hoping you’ll survive.

If you’re tired of just grinding it out and hanging on, you’ve got to learn how to attract the right people for the right positions in your company. You’ve got to have a bold, realistic strategy for growth. You need to be able to act on that strategy and execute your business plans (and adapt as necessary). And you’ve got to have the necessary cash to keep things going as you grow. That’s how you scale your business and become a dominant player.

How can you make that happen?

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Tom Krekel and I will be presenting the Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop at The Inverness in Englewood, CO. This seminar has empowered more than 20,000 executives and their leadership teams with proven tools and strategies to scale their businesses smarter.

This seminar is based on the principles found in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 Scaling Up, the bestselling book by Verne Harnish and the team at Gazelles. But this isn’t just a workshop that talks about theories of business growth. You’ll walk away with information and specific tools to turn the principles you learn into practice—and business growth.

Click here for more information about this practical seminar and how to register. Or, if you have questions you can call Traci A. Holle in my office at 719.487.1899 or contact her at

If simply “hanging on” isn’t good enough for you, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and get equipped to dominate your industry!