Breaking Through Barriers to Business Growth

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On October 19, 2015

BreakingThruBizBarriersIf you’re serious about growing your business you know it isn’t easy. There always seem to be obstacles in the way. So how can you break through those obstacles that keep you from scaling your business and growing the way you want to?

Sure it’s hard work, but growing a successful business is more than simply putting in a lot of sweat equity. It’s about working hard on the right things. There are four key things you need to be doing consistently if you want to be able to scale you business and dominate in your industry.

  1. You Need to Attract and Retain the Right People: That means learning to become a magnet for A-level players who are dedicated to your goals—and to increase their accountability, effectiveness, and results.
  1. You Need to Create a Differentiated Strategy: That involves defining and clarifying your core values, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and determining 3-5 year strategies that will catapult your business growth.
  1. You Need to Execute Flawlessly: It’s not enough to have a good plan and to “talk the talk.” You have to “walk the walk” and actually put your plan into action by creating an atmosphere of accountability—while evaluating and making adjustments.
  1. You Need to Have Adequate Cash: It takes cash to make you plans work. That means accelerating your cash flow and improving your sales cycle so that a shortage of cash doesn’t cripple your growth.

If you want to learn how to master these four pillars of business growth (People/Strategy/Execution/Cash), I’d like to invite you to the Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at The Club at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs. I’ll be showing attendees how to use the principles outlined in The Rockefeller Habits™2.0 and apply them to their businesses.

This won’t be a “theoretical” workshop. You’ll walk away with tools to make it happen! Click here for more information or to register. If you have questions you can call Traci A. Holle at 719.487.1899 or contact her at