What’s the Benefit of Attending a ScaleUp Summit?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On September 25, 2018

If you’re serious about scaling up your business and transforming your company into a high-growth powerhouse, you may have toyed with the idea of attending the ScaleUp SUMMIT in Denver October 16-17, 2018. But what’s really in it for you? Why not just read a book or listen to a podcast. What’s the benefit of attending a ScaleUp summit?

Here are four big reasons a live event such as the ScaleUp Summit in Denver offers you more than other methods of accumulating information that can transform your business.

  • Expert Insider Knowledge: At the ScaleUp Summit you’ll hear from some of the brightest and best leaders and experts in the area of scaling up your business, including great business authors such as  Morten Hansen (Great at Work); Brad Feld (Do More Faster); Sandra Joseph (Unmasking What Matters); Geoff Smart (Who: The A Method for Hiring); Tiffani Bova (Growth IQ); Chris Yeh (Blitzscaling): and others!  You’d have to spend many hours reading these books, but these authors will distill some of their best thoughts into manageable takeaways.
  • Peer Interaction: It’s one thing to assimilate great information, but it’s so much more valuable to be able to talk about questions and bounce ideas off of your peers who face some of the same issues you do as they look to scale their businesses. Talk to the people who are in the trenches like you are and find out what works for them.
  • Personal Motivation: You know that it’s hard to motivate the people in your company if you’re not motivated yourself. Sometimes business leaders just need a shot in the arm and a little dose of encouragement and motivation to keep fighting the good fight. At the Summit, you will be surrounded by individuals who are already motivated to succeed—and that’s contagious!
  • An “Out-of-the-Office” Experience: Even if you love your job and the challenges of scaling up your company, there is nothing like getting out of the office environment to gain a fresh perspective. You’ll be amazed at how getting away from your phone and the constant barrage of questions and daily decisions will affect your perception and allow you to think differently about the big challenges you face.

If you’d like to get a better handle on the key elements essential for scaling up and growing your business you’ll want to check out the ScaleUp SUMMIT 2018 from October 16-17 in Denver. You can hear some of the best minds in business share their thoughts about these topics—and you’ll have the chance to interact with hundreds of business peers who are taking steps to transform their businesses and grow. Click here for more information and to get significant discounts on the price if you list my name when you register!