My Business is Outgrowing Me!

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On December 13, 2019

business outgrowing youWhat to Do if Your Business Has Outgrown Your Abilities

As a business coach who helps growing businesses scale up to new levels, I spend a lot of time with business owners, presidents, or CEOs. There are times when these leaders come to me out of a sense of alarm because they feel like they are getting in over their heads and their business is outgrowing them. I’ll hear comments along the lines of, “My business is outgrowing me!” They feel unequipped to lead their companies into the kind of transformation that scaling up requires.

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

Scaling up your business isn’t simply a matter of doing more and doing it faster. If you want to lead a company to the next level, you have got to be committed to transformation: To doing things differently. The challenges you will face will be different than the ones you’ve faced so far. The only way to transform and grow your business is to transform and grow yourself. Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Read: Educating yourself about trends, best practices, solid business strategies, and more are essential to your transformation. You can’t lead and teach about things you don’t know. I have a whole (continuously growing) library of recommended reading on key topics for transformation. What if you don’t like to read? There are audiobooks and podcasts on the most important business topics. Never stop learning!
  • Growth Groups: Different industries will often have “growth groups” (for lack of a better word). In the building/remodeling industry, for example, you can find Builder 20 groups. They’re comprised of different builders who get together to share how to better market and promote themselves to their respective markets.
  • Seminars/Workshops: You can pick up tremendous amounts of good information at the right seminar or workshop. Check our Events page for Scaling Up workshops, Growth Institute workshops and other events that can provide business leaders with the understanding they need—and the tools that help them put that knowledge into action.
  • Coaching: For leaders who prefer a more hands-on approach, enlisting the services of an executive business coach allows leaders to focus specifically on the things they need to work on for their business. As an executive coach, I work with leaders to build a transformational organization that will stand up to the continual tests of competition and accelerating change, with a proven and disciplined approach that you and your organization can commit to 100%!

Get Help From the Outside

Many businesses like to reward loyalty and “grow their own” leaders. And while that can help to create a good corporate culture, sometimes hiring or promoting from within the company won’t get you the results you need. If you’re serious about scaling up, you may need to hire help from the outside. That may require that you hire a different level of an employee who has the kind of experience you need to do things differently.

 Giving up Control

Leading a transformational company is not a one-person job. It can be really hard for a founder to give up control of a company that he or she has built. Chances are, however, that if you’re feeling like your company has outgrown you, you’re really not in control anyway! Giving up control over every detail doesn’t mean taking a smaller role. It means devoting yourself to the big things that will enable your company to change, scale, and succeed.