Aligning Business Goals, People, & Strategies for Success

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On December 18, 2016

aligning-business-goals-people-strategies-for-successDoes it really matter if your business goals, your strategies, and your people are aligned? Do you really have to have “all of your ducks in a row” in order to achieve sustained business growth and success? Is it more important to get the right people or the right processes in place—or is it a combination of both?

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as a perfect organization. There are no perfect goals. People (even your best, most talented and committed people) aren’t perfect either. But getting those things aligned does matter—in a big way.

A healthy, aligned team will affect the speed at which you’re able to move forward. If you’re working together toward common goals, there’s a lot more synergy. Team members will learn to anticipate what their colleagues need. That enables the whole team to work faster and more efficiently. And there’s a good change it will allow you to work more profitably. It’s all part of scaling your business for growth.

So how do you get your people aligned? Having clear common goals means that you learn to understand each other’s differences, priorities, and styles—but do so in a way that achieves a common goal. You’ll probably meet more frequently to touch base and discuss strategy—but your meetings will become more efficient. Each team member will continue to work on specific improvement and education—with an eye to the common goals. And your team will be able to engage in discussion and debate that’s not about personal fiefdoms or “silos” or influence. You’ll debate and discuss in order to move the whole company forward.

To achieve this, of course, requires that you—as the leader—have a vision that is clear and compelling enough to capture your team. Do you have that kind of vision for your business and for your team? I’m talking about something that’s more than a good idea. I’m talking about something that really grabs employees and makes them want to align their specific goals and actions with one another to achieve something really special.

If you want to bring people together to pursue something that’s bigger than the sum of their individual parts, make sure you have a clear, compelling vision to inspire them.