How Healthy Is Your Team?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On February 9, 2015

How-healthy-is-your-teamIt’s almost impossible these days to pick up a paper, watch the news, or check online headlines without seeing some kind of debate about healthcare. That’s understandable because being healthy affects every aspect of our lives.

But how healthy is your business? More specifically, how healthy is the team that’s responsible for driving your business forward and making it grow? I’m not talking about the physical health of your employees. I’m talking about how your executive team relates to one another and interacts with one another.

You’ve probably heard (or read) me referring to “The Rockefeller Habits” numerous times—those habits that successful companies form that ensure their growth and success. Well, the #1 Rockefeller Habit is that the executive team is healthy and aligned. Why is that so important? If your executive team isn’t functional and relating well with one another, they’re not going to be able to influence the rest of the company. If they aren’t aligned (sharing the same goals and strategies), they will pull employees in different directions.

That doesn’t mean everyone is in lock step. It doesn’t mean that your team engages in “group think” and that there aren’t differences of opinion. It does mean that you’re able to come to consensus and move forward together.

How do you know if you’re on the right track? What are some characteristics of a healthy well-aligned team? Here are four key characteristics,

  1. Team members understand each others’ differences, priorities, and styles.
  2. The team meets frequently (weekly is best) for strategic thinking.
  3. The team participates in ongoing executive education (monthly recommended).
  4. The team is able to engage in constructive debates and all members feel comfortable participating.

Those things don’t happen automatically—and they don’t happen overnight. It takes time and repetition to get them right. That’s why they’re called habits. How is your executive team doing in those four areas? Would you say your team is healthy and aligned?

What are the biggest challenges you face in making this happen for your executive team? Leave me a note in the comments section and let’s chat about it. Making sure your team is healthy and functional is absolutely critical to growing your business. What are you doing to create this habit?