Is Transformational Growth Right For You?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On November 20, 2016

Is-Transformational-Growth-Really-Right-For-YouI get pretty jazzed when I talk to business owners and leaders about transforming their companies in ways that allow them to experience dramatic growth. A lot of the people I talk to get pretty excited about that, too. The fact of the matter, however, is that the kind of transformation we talk about and the kind of growth that comes from that isn’t what everybody is looking for.

How do you know if transformational growth is right for you or for your business? What are the indications that starting down this path to dramatic, sustainable growth is a good fit for you? Here are some characteristics that can be a pretty good indicator that transforming your business is something you want to tackle.


  • Have a burning passion for business accompanied by an unquenchable desire to learn
  • Are serious about creating and building an organization that is both scalable and sustainable
  • Are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals (Hard work)
  • Are open to learning and growing (you don’t think you know it all)
  • Are willing to look beyond your strengths to remove things that constrain your business
  • Are committed to investing in and developing the people in your business
  • Are willing to ask tough questions about yourself and your business and make difficult decisions
  • Are developing your leadership skills at the highest level—and doing the same for your leadership team
  • Are focused on something much bigger than profits
  • Are eager to create a transformational organization that will impact your employees, customers and community

Those are some pretty impressive characteristics. If they excite and intrigue you, there’s a good chance that you’ll never be satisfied with “business as usual” anyway—and you’re ready to take on new perspectives and actions to get different results.

Transforming your business definitely isn’t for everyone. But if the status quo makes you feel trapped and you’re looking for more . . . I’d love to chat with you!