Not Hiring Key Positions in a Timely Manner Can Keep You from Scaling Up

Why The Timing of Hiring Is Crucial

As an executive business coach, I talk to business owners and leaders regularly about the importance of hiring the right people for the right position.  That’s an absolute must for any company more

Why Real Communication Isn’t Just About Technology

Is Your Business Communication Show or Substance?

Great communication is essential if you’re trying to scale up your company. Change (transformation) is a big part of the process, and that means that the lines of communication have to be wide open to ensure that everyone is on the same page. But real communication isn’t just about technology.

Beware of the Wizard of Oz Approach to Communication

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Telling vs. Coaching: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Are You Coaching or Telling Your Employees What To Do?

One thing that I repeatedly impress on clients as an executive business coach is the importance of great leadership. I’m a firm believer that if you want to grow your company by 10x you also have to grow your leadership by 10x. more

Will Scaling Up Cause Your Business to Grow to Death?

Complications of Growing Your Business And Cash Flow

Scale Up or Grow Out of Business?

As a business coach, I’m frequently approached by CEOs or business owners who are looking to scale up their companies. They want to grow, and they know that they are going to have to change the way they operate in order to achieve their goals. One thing they share in common is that they look more

Tips To Avoid Finger Pointing By Using Accountability Techniques

Use Accountability To Avoid Finger Pointing

When you’re involved in a growing company that’s scaling up and headed to new levels of business, it’s pretty heady stuff. As you’re scaling and exploring new ways of doing business, it’s easy to get people excited and involved. Everybody wants to lend a hand. But what happens when something more

Issues With Big Account Clients And Growing Your Company

Is Landing a Huge Account the Right Way to Scale Up?

It’s no secret that scaling companies need to scale up their sales. You’ve heard before that nothing chews up cash faster than a growing, scaling company.  It’s no wonder that growing companies more

Why Business Transformation Is A Never Ending Process

Transformation of Your Business Never Stops

Many of us are familiar with the story of Sisyphus, the king of Corinth, who was condemned to eternally pushing a boulder up a hill—only to watch it roll back down. Sometimes scaling up your business feels that way. You work on transforming your business—only to have to do it all over again. There’s more

Why Relying on Reactive Communication is a Business Killer

Poor Communication Can Kill Your Ability to Scale Up

Most business leaders understand (to some degree) the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with employees. Your communication needs to be clear and transparent. That’s true whether it’s key leadership more

How Business or Personal Constraints Can Cripple Your Business

Why Ignoring Business or Personal Constraints Can Cripple Your Business

Businesses are built on opportunity. If you own or lead a business, you probably are convinced that there are additional opportunities that your company can take advantage of. So why aren’t more companies more

The Principles of Cash Flow When Scaling Up A Business

Money in the Bank Isn’t the Same as Solid Business Financials

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a client say, “I don’t have a cash problem; I have money in my bank account!” One of the challenges I face as a business coach is helping leaders understand that money in the bank isn’t the same thing as having solid business financials.

Cash Requirements for a Scaling Business Are Different

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How the Pursuit of Perfection Can Damage A Business

Execution: The Pursuit of Perfection In Business

Is the Pursuit of Perfection a Bad Thing?

For years, Lexus has identified their brand with the tagline: “The relentless pursuit of perfection.” It’s been a tremendous tagline that captures the automaker’s commitment to quality. Potential purchasers know that when they buy a Lexus the makers more

Eliminating Ostrich Thinking

Building A Strong Business Strategy to Avoid Ostrich Thinking 

Businesses have been known to “bury their heads in the sand” when facing threats or challenges. It’s sometimes referred to as “ostrich thinking,” and it doesn’t help a company to grow. So, what are the keys to eliminating ostrich thinking?

Debunking a Myth

First of all, I’m afraid I have to debunk a popular more

Hiring Multipliers Instead of Diminishers

Hiring The Right Person For The Right Position

As a business coach, I’m often asked to help clients think through their hiring practices. The importance of hiring the right people for the right position is a drum I beat regularly. It’s more

Leadership Fail: Decision by Consensus

Business Coach Top Tip On Making Decisions By Consensus

Making big decisions is one of the most daunting tasks business leaders face. It’s not surprising that so many leaders of growing companies seek insight and input before making big decisions. But that can lead to a huge leadership fail: Decision by consensus. If you fall into that trap, instead more

Is Your Business Communication Transparent?

Business Communication Transparency Tips From A Top Business Coach

As a business coach, the longer I work with companies that are trying to scale up and grow their business, the more I’m struck with the importance of honest, transparent business communication. I’ll always strive to help companies with their leadership more

How Can You Find the Right Fit When Hiring?

Finding The Right Fit When Hiring Quality People

Businesses leaders know the importance of putting quality people on their team in order to grow, but how can you find the right fit when hiring? What does “the right fit” even look like? No two businesses are alike, so how do you know what to look for to fill the key roles on your team?

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4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow When Scaling Up Your Company

Benefits And Strategies For Improving Cash Flow

It’s one thing to acknowledge the importance of having adequate cash reserves when growing your business. It’s quite another thing to actually do something about it. The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your cash flow—without having to borrow money. Let’s more

Importance Of Creating An Honest And Accurate Business Budget

Create An Honest Budget For Your Growing Business

Why is it so important to create an honest budget for your growing business? I’ve written before about how you can’t “just wing it” when it comes to business strategy. Your strategy needs to be a carefully considered process. The same is true with your company finances. If you can’t more

Tips To Understanding Cash Flow And Cash Conversion Cycle

Get a Grip on Cash Flow for Your Growing Business

How can you get a grip on cash flow for your growing business? We’re all familiar with the television ads that ask us what’s in our wallets and tout the advantages of having a particular credit card that offers more cash back, a lower rate, and exceptional service. But if you’re scaling up a more

Evaluating Employee Execution for Scaling Companies

I’ve talked many times about how the importance of great execution is for companies that want to scale up. But, guess what? Companies don’t execute. People do. How do you keep track of that? How do more