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After purchasing Infront Webworks, I realized a few years in that I wanted to take the company in a new direction. I realized that was going to require more than simply re-crafting our mission statement. In order to get to where I wanted to go, we needed to change our management style, our business model and our complete corporate culture. Although I’d successfully run businesses before, I realized I needed a mentor to help me reset the company compass. make some significant changes and grow the company. Perhaps most important of all, I needed a CEO level sounding board who understood where I was going and could help me get there.

Transforming the culture of a team and the business isn’t just fluff. It’s hard work and requires a delicate but firm hand, and that’s what Chuck brought to the table. That may sound simple, but the real pivotal moment was when Chuck walked us through three key questions: “Why are we  here?”, “What do we do as a business?” and “Why do people hire us?” He helped us to understand that if we didn’t get that right, that we’d spend all of our time struggling and slaving away on operational stuff and not growing.end quote

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