Could Your Business Be Someone’s New Year’s Resolution?

Posted by Chuck Kocher
On January 4, 2016

Could-your-business-be-someone's-New-Years-resolutionFor a lot of us (about 40 percent of Americans according to one Forbes study) January is synonymous with making New Year’s resolutions. Some of us even resolve to do something new or better with our businesses (although we tend to call that “strategic planning”). But has it ever occurred to you that your company could actually be related to the New Year’s resolution of someone else?

The fact of the matter is that when people make their resolutions for the coming year (whether they actually write out a list or not), there are often a number of areas that they think about. Traditionally, we associate these resolutions with things such as eating less, working out more, drinking less, reading more . . . etc.

For a lot of people, however, the New Year represents an opportunity to do something new with their business lives. Smart, talented people don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. They are looking for new opportunities. They are looking for new challenges. And if they are coming off a year with a company that has left them under-challenged or unfulfilled, they may be ready for a change.

There’s a good reason that “people” is one of the pillars of The Rockefeller Habits. You can’t build a great company without having the right people in the right place on your corporate “bus.” Of all the challenges a business faces, hiring the right people may be the greatest. If you have the right people, you can overcome a lot of obstacles.

That’s why this is a great time of year to be looking for and talking to potential candidates for key roles in your business. And the kind of person that’s looking for new opportunities now is probably someone who is not satisfied with the status quo. He or she may have been thinking about how to take the next step to a more satisfying and fulfilling career.

So take advantage of networking opportunities. Check out some of the meet-and-greet business events going on around you. You just might find some aggressive, talented, unfulfilled (but not unhappy) candidates at those events. And if you’ve got a good grip on what makes your company special, you may just find that they see your business as one of their New Year’s resolutions!