Assessment – Business Growth

Take this assessment and learn what’s holding back your business growth and get access to an exclusive podcast on Scaling your company. After you've completed the assessment you'll receive an email with the results and a link to your free podcast.

In order for a business to scale up and experience dynamic, sustainable growth, it needs to perform well in four key areas.

  1. People: A company can’t grow and sustain growth without having the right people on board.
  2. Strategy: Having a great product or service isn’t enough. You need a clear vision and a sound strategy that allows you to fulfill that vision.
  3. Execution: Even with great people and a great plan, you won’t achieve what you want unless you execute that plan with excellence—and can measure your progress.
  4. Cash: Growing a company requires cash. You need to have systems in place to ensure you have cash when you need it for expansion.

The following assessment only takes about 5 minutes and will give you an overview of how your business is doing in these key areas. That will tell you if you’re really ready to scale up and grow.

Time to complete – 5 minutes or less

The following questionnaire has been designed to help you rate your business in relation to the ideal business we all wish to have. We have identified 4 areas of Decision each with 10 questions that contribute to business success, profitability and balance. Answer each question and rate your business by circling from 1 through 5 in the scoring column based on the degree which you have accomplished. Once complete, return to so we can graph the results for you.


0-1 = Poor Performance (immediate attention required)

1-2 = Below Average (urgent attention should be given)

2-3 = Fair (high priority for further investigation of need)

3-4 = Very Good (strong performance that should be driven to the next level)

4-5 = Excellent (competitive advantage and profit area - reinforce and reward)


Our company culture in the "People" area is definitely as harmonious and productive as we know it should be.

As I look across our entire organization, we would enthusiastically hire every team member again.

We have a current, accurate, and visible organizational chart that everyone has personally seen in the last 90 days.

Every single leadership team member has at least one leading and one lagging key performance indicator that they are responsible for each quarter.

We have very clear, agreed-upon, and well defined responsibilities, accountabilities, and roles among founders (or among family members if a family-run business).

Our company has a simple and systematic method to review every team member quarterly, based on living our the Core Values and meeting personal productivity goals.

When hiring for a new position, we always use a chronological, in-depth and structured interview process to select the correct candidate the first time.

We currently measure productivity per employee (PPE) and have clearly defined plan to double it over a 5 - 10 year period.

Our company has clearly-defined, written, posted and continually reinforced Core Values.

Our company's Core Purpose (why do we exist?) is clearly defined and well communicated.